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The Redding Police Department Explorer Program is a volunteer organization in which young men and women, 14 to 21 years of age, are introduced to many aspects of law enforcement. 

Our Police Explorers donate hundreds of hours per year providing auxiliary services to the Redding Police Department and participating in various community events.


Train participating Explorers for a future in law enforcement, thereby providing quality candidates for Police Cadets, Community Service Officers, Police Officers, and other law enforcement related positions within the community

Provide non-hazardous law enforcement experience to those Explorers who have demonstrated sufficient interest through active participation in Post activities

Develop ethics, responsibility, confidence, and  teamwork skills our youth can use throughout their lives, and in any career path they choose

The Explorer Program stresses ethics, responsibility, accountability, and teamwork. Explorers are expected to demonstrate and maintain high morals, good judgement, an acceptable grade point average, and active community involvement. The Program emphasizes a rank structure and a chain of command, which provides Explorers with the opportunity to promote based on their leadership ability. An annual awards ceremony recognizes and honors Explorers for their dedication to the Redding Police Explorer Program and to the community

The Redding Police Department Explorer Post is chartered through the Learning for Life division of the Boy Scouts of America

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